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Saleboat is a cloud-based sales management platform which gives sales teams super powers. It frees up sales representatives to focus on selling and gives sales managers the tools and information they need to analyse and improve performance on all levels.

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In The Field

Saleboat makes sales reps more effective by giving them all the information they need before, during and after a meeting. Details such as previous meeting notes, average spend and contact details are available to sales reps, even whilst he is sitting in a meeting.

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Sales Management

Saleboat gives managers meaningful insights in real time.See how many meetings a group or rep has scheduled, access meeting notes for detailed client needs analysis and delve into KPIs that are automatically generated by the system, such as conversion rates and length of sales cycles.

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Location Aware

Saleboat uses the in-built geolocation functionality of modern portable devices. Our active and passive tracking capabilities allow insight and control for managers whilst allowing better efficiency and accountability for sales reps.

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Saleboat has a fully integrated reporting module that allows top level decisions to be made with major insight into the vital areas of the sales effort. Weekly reports of sales team’s efforts are emailed to the management and these decision makers can generate their own reports at any time.

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